Webhook Failure Behaviour

If my webhook api returns http error. What would be the behaviour I should expect. Would web flow try again ? And would it impact webflow if a webhook fails.

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conseguiu uma maneira de verificar o retorno do webook?

got a way to check the return of the webook?
(I would like to know how many times the attempt is made) and how to proceed in case of an unavailability

As far as I’ve observed Webflow will not try again.

Fails without logs:

The problem is… if you setup a native Webflow Webhook it’ll fail quietly the first time and Webflow doesn’t provide you with any logs from when each Webhook ran.

With the above native Webflow Webhook you’ll never know “why” it failed (or that it even did fail).

All of this happens on Webflow’s servers and you don’t get access to the logs :rage:

How do you fix this?

So how do you quickly check if your native Webflow Webhook is failing?

The answer is to bypass the native Webflow Webhook and trigger it manually to clearly see “why” it’s failing.

You could do this with something like Postman / Insomnia, but here’s the quick & dirty way…

Quick & dirty way with Make:

Setup a Webhook in Make.com.

Add a data structure so it’ll fail, e.g. you didn’t include what the data structure requires so the request is totally blocked, and returns an error to Webflow (that’ll you’d normally never see).

Webflow form:

Create a native Webflow form.

Add your Make Webhook URL to the Webflow forms “Action” field and choose the “POST” method.

Publish your Webflow site, open the live site, fill out and submit the form.

:boom: Boom!

You get a list of errors that you’d never see with the native Webflow Webhook triggering the form submit, but you clearly see when you add the Make Webhook URL as a form action.

That’s a quick and dirty way to test your Webflow Webhooks :star_struck:

If you want to play around with it: