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Webfow does not respect set margin/padding

Hi all,

I have a client website that has a right padding/margin that is not being respected and I just don’t see why.
When I set it to 0 it does respect it however, when set to 16px on both sides the right side seems to have double that amount, but can’t find to which element this is being set.

The issue is only visible on mobile 767px up in landscape mode.


What’s wrong here? (16px from each side).

Hi Ezra,

thanks for your reply.

Please visit it in the browser on 667 x 375 (landscape).

Regarding the custom code. I look into that, but it looks like that extra padding is added to the image. However I can’t seem to find where it’s set.

This is some flexbox issue (Not related to margin/padding).

Try this:

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Perfect! Thanks Ezra!