Webfont.js uncompressed Javascript

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We’ve got a number of sites hosted with Webflow and we’ve recently started to use SEMrush for SEO purposes. Overall things look good and we’ve got a site at 95% optimised but there’s a couple of areas that I’d like to fix but don’t know how to.

For a fairly large site of ours we’re using Google fonts, which we understand does come with an associated load time which we can live with. SEMrush is telling us though that we have 87 pages with uncompressed Javascript and when I look at what the resource is it’s https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/webfont/1.4.7/webfont.js .

I’m no expert in fonts and what is or isn’t possible but wondered if there’s a way for Webflow to compress this JS as it does with other JS on the site?

Any help would be appreciated.



I’m getting the same feedback from SEMrush. Anyone who found a way to resolve this?

Webflow is not serving that asset. Google is. Since this file is served to every web user that visits a site with Webfonts loaded from Google, I would say that SEM Rush has dropped the ball and should exclude that from reporting. I suggest opening a ticket with them.

I will tell you with certainty that this is not an SEO issue you should concern yourself with.

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@Rickert @steelejamc Did you find some solution for this issue?

I would press the ‘ignore’ issue on SEMRush if it annoys you. It is not really a big deal