Webflows native site search isn't working as expected

I have a site which is a mix of static and dynamic content.

When i run a search on CNC, it doesn’t bring up the ‘make’ page for example, which has CNC written many times within it - but pulled in dynamically from CMS fields. If i go in and write it on the page directly though, it does pull through.

I am surprised that Webflow doesn’t index dynamic content within static pages and template pages?

Anyone know if I am missing a trick? If I put key words within the SEO or page Search Description, will it find them? Or is that just for pulling through on the results page as opposed to making it more searchable?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Johnson Atelier)
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@V_O - If you exclude a collection lists wrapper from search all children are also excluded. So you need to be cautious about what you block and what you don’t. That said, the search functionality that is provided is pretty limited.