Webflows Customer Pages - are these CMS or built manually?


I was just looking through the Webflow customer pages and they look great.

Now I assume these are built using Webflow. And I’m pretty these are each built manually and not the CMS but would love to hear from Webflow to confirm that they are? I’ve to build customer pages for a client in the coming weeks and I think I’m going to build each manually as they have small differences and intricacies which will need some manual love! If Webflow are doing it - then it’s good enough for me!

Can anyone at Webflow tell us more about how these pages were built? @PixelGeek


Yes. Those pages were built in Webflow by our lead designer Ryan. Both pages are static. Not on the CMS.


Nice pages. I would enjoy a BTS breakdown of the design/interaction for one of those pages. Always wanting to learn how others structure the html and scroll interactions to improve load time, minimize elements, and smoother visitor experience.

Thanks for that @PixelGeek