WebflowFreelancer.com - Who Wants The Domain?

If anyone wants the domain WebflowFreelancer.com, let me know.

I was going to use this as my “calling card” domain to showcase the sites I (would have) built in Webflow - but chose not to go w/ Webflow. I built a couple of sites using the platform, then jumped ship.

Instead of just letting this domain dissolve, I’d like to give it to someone that can use it to showcase their Webflow sites… or use it as an easy to remember URL when selling your services on sites like UpWork or Store.

Only for people with a long Webflow history and numerous sites. Not newbies.

Currently points to Webflow U.

No Charge, but if you want to send a few bucks to my PayPal for my time and generosity, I wouldn’t say no :slight_smile: