Webflow Workspace Pricing Bug (35$ VS 19$)

19$ per seat in simple math :
1 seat - 19$
2 seats - 38$
X seats - 19$ * X

Click Select Plan core ==> The price “jump” to 70$ for Small

One seat costs 35$ (yearly plan) 42$ (monthly plan) !!!:

Any idea?

I think you may have just taken a wrong turn somehow. Workspaces are replacing Teams. Your first image shows the new Workspaces plans, but your second image shows the old Teams plans. I feel like maybe there’s a staggered rollout going on here, as I actually had to make a new account to even see the new pricing. My actual account is still on the old plans. I’d recommend opening a ticket with support for this one.

That’s right, @ColemanChrisB.

@Siton_Systems This is a gradual rollout for Workspaces over the next couple of months. Currently on new accounts have access to Workspaces. Your first screenshot is from the marketing page about pricing and the other two are from your account which is seeing the old team account pricing. Once your account is eligible, make the transition to Workspaces and then you’ll be able to see the new seat pricing.

This section on the blog announcement post describes the transition.

Transition timeline
Over the coming months, we’ll be prompting account owners to transition via in-dashboard notifications, banners, and email. Once prompted, we’ll provide a simple guided flow with recommendations based on your account size and usage. Once you transition to Workspaces, you’ll have access to the new roles and permissions detailed above based on your plan, and you can also change your Workspace plan as you see fit.


@matthewpmunger Thanks,

What is the bottom line? If someone already pay 70$ - he should do X or Y?