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Webflow Workshops: which one did you learn the most from?

To date, there are 86 Webflow Workshop episodes on YouTube.

Which one was the best for you in terms of learning about Webflow or web design in general?

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Hey @norbertdragan, for me all of them are great if you are a beginner since @PixelGeek most of the time redo an entire page and takes time to explain step by step how he is doing it. (which is a very good way to learn if you design the same page in the same time).

I also HIGLY recommend this playlist from webflow :

Production is great, it speaks about a lot of things, if you are a beginner and you want to learn basics and + about webflow and design in general you need to watch this playlist.


All the videos went suddenly private. :expressionless:

Sorry guys we took them down and will re-upload at the end of the month. We’ll be uploading all the new content at once!

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