Webflow Workshop - Redesigning SpaceX's website

Join us on April 25th at 10am (pacific)
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In this workshop, we’ll be redesigning SpaceX’s website for fun. First we’ll study what the current site is doing right and what could be improved upon. Then, we’ll talk about how I went about creating a simple sitemap and a new wireframe for the new design. Lastly, we’ll start the building out the new design.

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Here is a button all show you guys how to make in Webflow tomorrow.

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I just have to say I find it bizarre that SpaceX isn’t even a responsive layout, let alone offer a mobile-friendly alternative :frowning:

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marketing isn’t the biggest thing on Elon’s or Gwynne’s mind since its a B to B company. So, not having a beautiful site that appeals to the masses makes sense.

When you look at Tesla’s site, the company is B to C, so you definitely need a good site to market your products.

But I’d like to think that one day SpaceX will start selling tickets to the moon, the same way a cruise line sells tickets to another country. :slight_smile:

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clone the project here and have fun! :smiley:

Show me what you do with it!