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Webflow Workshop - Pixel chef showdown: Ran VS Mackenzie

Join us on Tuesday, May 2nd at 10am (pacific)
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In this special event, Design YouTubers, Ran Segall and Mackenzie Child, will be showing us how they use Webflow in their own way.

We’ll be challenging them to create, from scratch, their own redesign of the blog. There will be lots to learn from these two design veterans. So, don’t miss it!

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Hey I just got an challenge idea :bulb:. What about designing from a pre made database in Webflow. The contenders starting with the same database content. From there they maybe have some rules they must follow or just design away. Maybe some assets there as well, like logo and other images. Could be fun to see the different design choices the designers make.

lol! That is exactly what they’ll be doing. Are you psychic?

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Yes, @PixelGeek, I am. :stuck_out_tongue:

That could also be a fun community challenge.


this is very promising ! can’t wait :slight_smile:

does anyone have a link to the finished pages? :slight_smile:

@PixelGeek usually posts those links around here somewhere …