Webflow Workshop - January 26th - 10am PST - Guest: Timothy Noah

In our next Webflow Workshop, Community Expert Timothy Noah ( @tim ) will be joining us. Timothy is a Freelance Designer from London who has a good eye for UI/UX. Check out his Webflow portfolio here: https://webflow.com/timsby

Topic: Life as a Full-Time Freelancer

Be sure to bring an internet connected device with a dial-up high-speed modem (33.6 kbps or higher recommended), a computer monitor (800x600 screen resolution or higher), a piece of paper, and a quill.

Hope to see you all there! :smiley:




Awesome portfolio! Looking forward to it!

That high speed dial-up modem is gonna be a problem though.

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Topic announced! :smiley:

Life as a Full-Time Freelancer


Don’t forget to join us at 10am PST / 6pm GMT ! :smiley:

Starting in ~ 45mins:

If you want to ask your question on the air, get in the google hangouts:


Hey Timothy and Nelson,
thanks for the interesting webinar! Enjoyed it!

Hey guys was great to be on air with @PixelGeek Thanks for the opportunity!

Here are a few resources I use to help with freelancing, this is not an exhaustive list and I will keep adding additional resources I use :smiley:

Finding Work

Both websites have a steady stream of new roles, briefs and work opportunities. I use them both regularly when finding freelance work.

Communication & Organisation

Invoices, Proposals & Finances

Coding, Learning & Training



Couldn’t join live, looked at it just after. It was great hearing your story :grinning:

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