Webflow Workshop - How to dynamically integrate Shopify products into your Webflow CMS site - March 8 @ 10am PST

2 awesome features are almost ready to be launched on the Webflow platform. First, I’ll be previewing the dynamic embed feature to show you all how to dynamically integrate third-party tools like Shopify, SoundClound, or Eventbrite into your Webflow CMS site. Also I’ll give a quick overview of the new background videos component.



Really looking forward to catching this one.

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Uuuuu… Nice webflow team, very nice :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait for this workshop

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Finally :heart_eyes:

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bumping this thread for obvious reasons :wink:

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Last bump for this week! Who will be in the watching and in the chat room today?


That was great! Thanks for this weeks episode i was looking forward to that.

I just wanted to ask what the website address was for the background textures? Or the texture overlays?

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btw - i added the recorded video in the OP (original post)

what?! nOOO!! the video isn’t synced with the audio :frowning: i’ll fix this next week

Ah i thought it was just me (-: , Thanks for the address.

Also, to Douglas - I hope you made it home safely to watch the recording :wink:

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@PixelGeek hey man, just finished watching the recording! So excited about dynamic embeds, i’ve been wanting to catch the workshop to get feedback on my first webflow site that is just about to launch, but I don’t get home until just after it has finished (I’m in the UK!) here’s a link, it would be cool to see what you think! http://mark-wheelwright-dev.webflow.io/home-page

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Audio is 0,4 sec early. If anyone is wondering. It’s easily adjusted in VLC:
Tools → Track Synchronization → add 0,400 s (Delayed) in the Audio Track.

That is great! I only have one concern. How do I do this with shopify if I have sizes on my products ?
I have a dropdown on my product pages where people can choose their size.

Great question. I believe there is an option to show a dropdown of options in the button generator.

Great video demo it will come in handy as I may be integrating a shopping cart into a potential clients site. My only question is when the client needs to add more products or replace existing products with different names, will this be a manual process every single time of updating dynamic data and adding new collections? Doesn’t seem to client friendly.

Are there currently any easier or more practical ways for a client to add products?


Is there a read only link to take a look?

I have done some hunting around the last couple of days, could someone corrected me if I am wrong but it seems like that adding shopify or many ecommerce solutions onto another platform other the the ecommerce platform you need paste an embed code in if you want a custom look and feel?

A client would like me to replicate this site http://www.66thelabel.com/straw/, this link brings you to the shopping section. In order to purchase a product you need to click on to the product which takes you to the actual product where you can go on to add it to the cart. It seems to use the shopify buy button only?

Any new products which are then added I assume even on squarespace, the site holder would need to embed the buy now button? would this also be the same if this was a worpress site?