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Webflow Workshop #89: Rebuilding in Webflow

Join us on Tuesday, July 25th at 10am (pacific)
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In this week’s workshop we’ll be rebuilding, a design resource that features the five best design links, every day.

We’ll be focussing on quickly creating a database structure, CMS and designing with data in real-time. Also, if we have enough time, we’ll add some interactions and animations too.

Sidebar is a project by Sacha Greif

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Are there any particular features that will not be covered in this rebuild? I am really interested in learning about the possibilities of being able to build sites like,,,, and using Webflow. Are there any tutorials or Webflow site examples that you’d recommend taking a look at before this workshop? Thank you very much for doing these builds btw, they are very useful in showcasing what’s possible with Webflow. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty!

Infinite scroll and adding ads in between each list won’t be part of this rebuild.