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Webflow Workshop #37: Designing flexbox layouts in Webflow

Hello i have been trying to follow this video. however i think the software has evolved past this example.
I am trying to find the “flex child settings” that he is using at the 07:05 time mark.
last night i fumbled through a little but to get slightly further but i cant find a lof of the tabs he is using in the vid.

Hi there :slight_smile: Yes, the UI has changed a bit. To learn more about Flexbox in Webflow, try following this guide:

Hope this helps

hey! i just got a reply back from a celebrity! :slight_smile:
thanks ill check out the link. it might be helpful for others if you edit your that youtube video with the link as well so us newbies know that the content may be outdated. i spent a couple hours going in the wrong direction lol

love your videos!!

thanks :slight_smile: I have edited the video description.