Webflow Workshop #140: The brand design process at Webflow with Ryan Morrison and JP Teixeira

Join us live on Tuesday, March 5th at 10am (pacific)
[ Watch and chat live on YouTube ]


Joining us for this special live stream are Webflow brand designers @ryanmorrison and Joao Paulo (JP) Teixeira. Ryan has worked with the Webflow marketing team to create award-winning designs like the Webflow Ecommerce beta launch page. JP has been using Webflow since 2014, joined our team in 2017, and helped create Webflow’s current homepage.

Don’t miss this chance to hear Ryan and JP share their process for building a marketing page that’s beautiful, interactive, and unique. They’ll also be answering your questions, live.

Webflow Ecommerce beta launch page: http://ecommmmmerce-teaser.webflow.io/

Ryan Morrison: https://dribbble.com/ryryjmo

Joao Paulo Teixeira: JP | Dribbble