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Webflow Workshop #128: Creating fullscreen menus in Webflow

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A custom, full-screen menu is more effective than Webflow’s default navbar. In this stream, learn how to set up elements and interactions to create your own full-screen menu.


Hey @PixelGeek , I’ve used your method to create a full-screen menu in this client project -

When one of the menu links are clicked the menu disappears (hides) revealing the current page for a second then loads the selected page. Is there a way to avoid this reveal?

I see the nav bar component does not do this - click on menu link and jumps straight to the destination.


Ok so been fiddling with the nav component to get the same effect (without thinking it would scupper the share link above!)

Still interest in any thoughts o the issue though.


Hello @PLF

Everything works fine for me >

No reveal. The links go directly to the page.

Piter :webflow_heart:

Thanks Piter, yeah I’ve been experimenting with the component to get the same effect. Unfortunately, this has updated the shared link and the original issue is no longer there. I guess kinda answered my own question but I did enjoy building the nav from scratch but shame I couldn’t get it to work 100%. It’s a client site so don’t have the luxury to recreate just yet but thanks for getting back :+1:

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