Webflow with Salesforce CMS Connect

Hi all,

A non-profit client of mine recently reached out asking the following:

“Would you be able to help me get some information from our website HTML to embed some of our features into Kesem Central (i.e. footer). I need to be able to identify the path to our website (following this documentation) to name the footer feature, banner, and header.”

I’m curious if this is even possible to do, as I’m not much of a developer. It appears the primary functionality of this CMS Connect is used with sites built in Wordpress, but it did say that it works with HTML as well. Since the main navigation and footer are not built within the CMS, I’m wondering how I could pull this content into the CMS Connect builder. I’m not a developer whatsoever (which is the main reason I use Webflow to begin with), and this has completely stumped me.

TIA for any help.

EDIT: public share link here Webflow - Camp Kesem

This would be hard to do / not possible with Webflow. An approach I would use would be to export the site, then use chunks of HTML and the exported CSS on another server which then could be used as the source for insertion into the Kesem Central site.

I was thinking so… very unfortunate. I’ll look into exporting the site and see about getting it hosted elsewhere for the purposes of this request. Thanks for the help.