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Webflow with Firebase and Memberstack

Hey everyone I have some questions:

I have created a simple chat with firebase on webflow website and I want to add some restrictions based on user subscription plan.

If the user have a free membership through memberstack then he is allowed for only 500 messages on firebase chat.

If the user have a paid plan then he can do 1000+ messages and so on.

Can someone tell me how to restrict users based on subscription plan and also allow based on paid plan.

Here’s my plan for this:

Memberstack (choose plan) > Start messaging with Firebase > Message data is stored in Firebase database > If the number of messages cross the limit > Redirected to pricing page for upgrading the plan > Once the user upgrade the plan > Allow for more messages.

Is this something related to Firebase only? Or a combination of Firebase and Memberstack?

I am open for custom code.

I cannot provide read only link because the website is still under development.

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