Webflow Wistia multiple Videos Widget Speed Issues (Duplicate load of assets)

Add multiply embed video to same page (Common).

What Happens:
Webflow loads for each video again and again the assets of the API (Blowout of server calls & Very low google speed test score).

For 6-7 embed videos on the same page google speed crash (Endless sever calls):

Empty page on new project with 8 wisita embed videos send 220 requests:

What Expected:
Webflow should load the third-party plugin assets only one time.

Good news, everyone! E-v1.js only needs to be included once per page with your videos . If you had 50 videos embedded on one page, you’d still only need a single instance of E-v1.js

**I didn’t test yet this issue for Youtube -or- Viemo

@Siton_Systems - Hi Ezra, can you share a URL to your test page? I would like to debug but don’t necessarily want to have to start from scratch. Thanks.

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I found the issue - looks like this is Wistia Issue with iframes (The problem google speed test really really hate this - and client thinks this is webflow issue).

If someone handle this issue with heavy website you should use custom code and load wistia by wistia_embed (And not iframes).


Basic example:

Responsive embed docs