Webflow Website only works properly after Reload

Hello Friends,

i have a major problem with a website i created in the last 2 weeks and i need to fix it asap.
I hope someone is able to help me - i would be so grateful.

My Problem:
When the websites loads the first time, it does not load properly. It looks awful loike there is no css or something. Everything is aligned to the left, the images are stacked up and so on.

Most of the time, after i reload it once or a few times, it then looks how it is supposed to be.

The Video in the Hero Section is hosted via AWS and is embedded via HTML Embed in webflow.
Maybe this is the problem? That the Video dows not load fast enough?

My second problem is, that even if the site loads properly the first time, then the Image Grid section is overlapping the Footer. After reloading the page, this is not the case anymore and its working just fine.

Please help me guys - i would appreciate it so much.


PS: I am relatively new to webflow and building websites, so please dont judge how the website structure is build, how some classes are named and so on haha

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Claus_1

Here is the final website:

Hey i have the same problem, wondering if you have figured it out?

Hi Mario, I think your site loaded fine for me the first time ( Chrome / Windows ), large video at the top, gallery below, no obvious issues. However if you look at your console log there are a lot of issues, apparently starting with Luxy.js.