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Webflow Versus Laravel for marketing website?

Hi WF community, hoping to get some impartial advice on the following;

We’re about to re-vamp our current website after the business has made significant progress. We’re currently on Wordpress and the business is a private education company.

We have a front-end marketing website designed around user conversation (user is applying to enrol for our education).

Once a user converts, their registration and application to enrol is managed on a sub domain linked into our CRM. Applicants need to complete some e-learning modules alongside submitting a full application to enrol.

Budget: <£50k

Area we need help

  • An agency we’re talking with has recommended a Laravel build for the marketing pages and user registration/management side too. Having everything on the same stack from when they land on the website through to registration and account management.
    We don’t have internal dev capability.

  • Another agency recommended building the marketing pages alone on Webflow (they are cheaper and we liked their initial design).
    The registration/custom CRM can be built on whatever platform we think is best and we can keep segregated.


  • Is anyone experienced building marketing websites with both Laravel and Webflow, if so, what are the pros and cons for a medium-sized business?

  • Is it better to keep marketing site separate from our post-conversion site given their different goals or to have the entire user journey on the same stack?

  • How easy is it for a no-code team to manage and imp[rove a Laravel website without agency dependency?

Thanks everyone! Appreciate the details are light and the questions broad, just trying to get any insights we can :slight_smile:

I have used Statamic to manage web content and the front end, then extended it with Laravel for a custom data application. If a front end site is built with Statamic, managing the content is easy for anyone. It is way more flexible than Webflow. What it does not have is a integrated “Designer”. So designs from are converted from Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD into HTML and CSS that is used to build the templates. Much like any other CMS. Since Statamic is a Laravel app it is easy to extend with Laravel, It takes an front end developer to change the design since that is handled with code. So you can have your CMS cake and Laravel too.

Managing two systems is more complex than one and harder to maintain IMHO. If you could have it all I would.

Laravel is a PHP application framework (excellent one at that) that allows Laravel developers to quickly build robust applications built around data and business logic. Normally the admin interface built with Laravel allows for all the control the business users need to maintain the data. The application code would not be maintainable by non developers. Like I said if you use Statamic in conjunction there is no reason why you would really need to unless you planned on adding features.

Webflow is a great tool for plain marketing sites with some data, but it is only really flexible for designers, not editors. Statamic has fields that handle repeaters and flexible content blocks that provide control and structure while allowing better content flexibility for editors.

If you need further assistance or direct questions you can reach me via a direct message in the forum.