Webflow Users: Share your thoughts on "Designed by" badges and the like

There are a ton of interesting badges, blurbs, and logos on client sites. Looking for general thoughts on this, as well as some information regarding the following three topics:

  1. Does this practice help you or your design firm with link building/SEO?
  2. Do your clients ever get bugged by this?
  3. Does this help you get additional clients?
  1. Yes, but not nearly as much as SEO does. I try to build up solid SEO and then simply add the “Designed by” to the website.
  2. My clients are not bugged by this because I make sure that it is not gigantic and simply says “Website designed and maintained by Minewire Design.” It all depends on how you implement it.
  3. It actually does. :smiley: If people like your work, they will want to scroll even more throughout the website. Eventually, they’ll see who made it and will probably contact you.
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