Webflow User Account Form isn't saving Information that is submitted


I designed a Form for my users and tested it when I put in all the information and press submit, it says successfully saved your information but if I look in Users the information isn’t saving.

Thanks in advance for your help.

First, have you double-checked that your form is submitting the data to your backend? Sometimes, there can be issues with the form not properly sending data, so it’s essential to ensure that part works as expected.
If the form is submitting data, then there may be an issue with how the data is being saved on the backend.
Another possibility is that there may be some caching issue at play. Have you cleared your cache or refreshed the page to see if that helps?
That’s I can provide.

“but if I look in Users the information isn’t saving.”
Is this in reference to the “Project Settings > Forms > Form Submission Data” area? Or do you mean it doesn’t arrive in their email inbox?

Thanks for the quick reply. The form is submitting data. I have to add that the form is not a normal Form its for the new User account feature to change your user information.

Thanks for your reply the information is not saved in the User Account (the new Member feature)