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Webflow Use Case Pararmeters

Hi all, new to Webflow - hoping to confirm the following is possible on the publishing side for my use case as I will need more than 100 pages.

#1 Can I buy 2 CMS Site plans (therefore giving me 200 static pages) and connect them both to 1 Professional Account plan?

#2 When working with clients can I publish a static page e.g. a blog to a client subdomain so and and so on


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#1 account plans aren’t linked to site plans. They just provide unlimited .io sites (stagings) and the ability to export code and transfer sites.

If you pay for 2 site plans, those 2 sites then have all limitations lifted (apart from site transfer and code export).

#2 probably but I don’t understand your question :smiley:

Can you describe this further and tell me why you think those pages can’t be CMS items instead?

Oh and welcome to the forum Mike!

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Thanks for your help!

Why would the limitations be lifted?

If I have 50 clients and they each need 3 blog posts = 150 static pages. Would the CMS eliminate this issue?

I’ll try to clarify my 2nd question. Perhaps it is obvious and I’m over complicating!

Can I publish webflow pages to client domains? E.g GoDaddy manages the DNS for my client so I need to point toward


Because when you pay for a site plan, you lift all limitations on that site. You can check my Komparator page that is trying to explain Webflow pricing model

A blog post is by definition a post, an article, a… CMS item. So you can have 2000 of them with a regular CMS plan, 10000 of them with a business plan.

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Thanks - will check out the pricing model page