Webflow url cleanup

When this website is published, there is a bunch of text after the URL #. Anyone have any idea to get rid of this, please? You can view it as this does it to every page. I have tried to log through Webflow, but no luck so far. Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the community @Usman_Basharat!

Can you confirm that there aren’t any URL redirects active in the Project Settings? You can also try republishing the project to see if that doesn’t resolve the issue.

If necessary I’d reach out to Webflow Support as it may be a bug that they’ll need to look into as many of the folks here in the community are users like yourself.

Hopefully you get it figured out quickly :crossed_fingers:

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Hi @mikeyevin.

I have tried to republish the project, but I don’t see any difference with this. I will reach out to Webflow Support to see what advice they offer.

Thank you.

Hi @mikeyevin.

I didn’t mention this, but I do have active redirects. If I was to get rid of these URL redirects, do you think it would get rid of the issue?


It depends on what the redirects are doing—do any of them look to be similar to the issue you’re seeing with the extra characters after your domain?

Also, are you using any custom code that may be causing the issue? I see a bunch of tracking/analytic type stuff but I’m just going based off of DevTools. It’s possible that something like that could be injecting the characters into your URL.