Webflow-UI text in Editor is unreadable (very low contrast)

Hey community,

When I go into the Editor, the text color of some UI-elements is so bright that it is almost unreadable.
Does someone have the same problem?

I also tried different browsers and different website-projects. The problem was always the same.

Any hints for a fix would be very nice :slight_smile:

Hi Martin! Try increasing the contrast or adjusting the brightness of your monitor. This could make the text more legible.

You can also use browser developer tools (like Chrome’s DevTools) to inspect and modify the CSS of the text elements causing issues. You could temporarily increase the contrast or change the color to make it more readable. Right-click on the desired text element and select “Inspect”. This will open the “Styles” pane on the right side. Here, you can find the color CSS property representing the text color. By clicking on its color value, you can use the built-in color picker or manually type in a new value to adjust the color. Any changes made this way are temporary and local (would not affect the actual Webflow interface for other users or in other sessions); to make them permanent, you would need to update the actual source CSS file.

Let me know if this is helpful / I can elaborate more on anything!