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Webflow UI + Parse.com backend (UX feedback)

So we launched a hybrid site where UI was fully designed in Webflow and the backend is on Parse.com
Let us know what you think about the UI/UX.

Here is the link: https://toole.io



Submit tool isn’t working… goes to a 404 for me when trying to use fb or twitter.

Looks cool though!

Interested on how you used parse.com as the backend!

Thanks for the feedback. When you press on the Submit tool button does the Twitter or FB login sends you to 404 or after it logs you in and press the Submit button again it goes to 404?

Webflow has a feature to export all the site assets including HTML, CSS, Javascript and images.
We then take the HTML files and convert them to EJS, in places where there is a dynamic data.

It’s a very simple method, that allows us to quickly design the site.

So when we make adjustments to the UI we simply upload a new CSS file to Parse.com