Webflow UI extending over design

Hi is anyone else having this problem? The Webflow right side UI is extending over to the design and I’ve tried everything to fix it.

This is new btw. Haven’t had this issue since I started using webflow 2-3 years ago.

@lonnieg3 I have experienced this before and although it could be a bug, I find that it’s most likely the browser you are using. I use Brave and if this happens I just refresh and it seems to fix it. Sometimes going to preview mode and back to designer mode will fix the issue as well.

I’m using Arc browser that is used by many webflow influencers and nothing I’ve seemed to do has fixed it :(

@lonnieg3 - The part where you share a read-only project link is required for assistance.

I’m not sure a read link would help too much as it’s happening across every one of my sites when I’m in designer mode but I’ve attached it below


Well if that is the case you can solve the problem by using a supported browser right?

Hello there, was there a resolve to this? It is happening to me as well in both ARC and Chrome on MAC and Window.