Webflow translatation

Hello everyone I would like to ask a question about translating English to Khmer or Chinese
but, I don’t know how many ways to do or use API JSON or some apps in the webflow have localization already but it is not completely for creating translation. Does anyone know please help me.
Thank you for your answer!

Hi Yoeun.

You can use Webflow’s new Localization feature to translate from English to Chinese.
It works pretty well.

To my knowledge Khmer is not supported for auto-machine translation in the current version of Webflow Localization.

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yes, how can I translate for Khmer? because my company uses English Khmer and Chinese May you recommend another way?

I can’t say, you should do a small test with a site in Webflow localization to see, but it’s not listed as a supported Amazon Translate language so I think you’d be stuck with;

  • English - primary source language
  • Chinese - good machine-translation support
  • Khmer - probably hire a translator, and enter it manually to create your Khmer locale

You can check other tools like Weglot as well.

Yes, now I already paid for weglot but I want to test another tool or way for translation and free like custom code (JSON, JS)