Webflow to Wordpress Layout problem

Hello everyone!

I just converted my Webflow website to a Wordpress theme using Udesly and the layout changed a little bit in the Wordpress website.

There are elements that are really long that should not be. I tried changing the height from auto to 100% and you can see that something changes but it’s still not how it should look. So I think it has to do with that. But I rather not make the height a specific px height because there is a change the client wants to change text and when the text will grow, the block underneath it should grow with it. So I want the height on Auto.

Here some examples:

Maybe someone here knows why this is happening on Wordpress? How can I fix it? ALSO on Safari these issues happen even more.

Here the webflow website (specific page that has issues) how it should look:

And the webflow read only link of Designer:

Here the converted wordpress website, where you can see the height change of some elements (like the blue block and at the bottom the contact block):


Hey @Eva_Reussien! For a better support, could you please submit this request to our Help Center (https://www.udesly.com/help-center/) ? Our developers will help you from there. Thank you!

Fixed it already. Thank you! I know where I need to be with my Udesly questions!

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