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Webflow to Wordpress Agency/Developer - WANTED

Hello all,

I have a customer to whom I have assured that I create his project in Webflow and let it convert for him as desired in Wordpress (By Udesly). This also works without any problems, but he has now asked if he can edit the layout himself with his so-called “Divi-Editor” afterwards and this is unfortunately not possible with already created templates.

Now I am looking for an agency that implements such transformations, which can then make edits in Wordpress through such editors not only in texts, links and images, but also in the layout.

Does anyone of you have some experience in that are, might know a agency and can help me? Thanks in advance! :smiley:

@sarius - If the client is locked into Divi mentally why not let them install a DIVI based theme and then edit away? Personally I am not a fan of Divi due to the endless nesting of DIVS in its output. My preference would be oxygen builder and set pages to be editable in Gutenberg for the client to edit. I built my first site with WP in 2014 so been there. PM me if you want to chat about an op.