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Webflow to Shopify

@JBB Came to the community to get help integrating her one page Webflow project into her Shopify theme.

After a few hours work you can now find that same page here;

fully linked up to the rest of her site.

@JBB I hope your new page treats you well.



great job! But one thing…

is it possible to remove the multiple modals?

I think they are Shopify extras / plugins. So I think so.

Of course @JBB would have to speak to weather she wants to remove them or not.

+1 here for removing the modals, I got three in my face before I could even see what the site was about. Not a good first impression

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Please elaborate hami sorry I’m not so hip with the lingo but I really want to know where I can improve. Do you mean the popups?

@AlexN Great job!

@JBB Yes people are referring to the pop ups when they say modals. You definitely have some issues with those, they are popping up for every page that I visit - it is probably causing a significant number of people to bounce (leave your website) as a result.

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@AlexN Hey Alex, I am seeking a way to integrate a shopping cart (Shopify or SendOwl) with Webflow Collections. I’ve been trying to find a way to add the embed code (which is unique per product) to the Collection definition, and somehow integrate it into the Product page template. So far I’ve not figured out how to do that.

It looks as if this was done successfully in the website. Can you possibly share some details on how this was enabled? Thanks in advance…

This example involved useing the code export feature.

Exporting the Webflow code and integrating it into Shopify.

There curretly isn’t away to use unique custome code with the collection templates.

If the Webflow team allows a colletion field to be connected to the custome code widget then something like Shopify buy buttons could be added through the CMS would work. They haven’t gotten there yet.

Thanks for the quick reply @AlexN. I sure hope this one gets addressed really soon. Sadly, I may have to use another platform for a client project that I was really hoping to do in Webflow.

They’re working on it :smile:

@AlexN Did you handle the integration? Where did you start with Shopify after exporting from Webflow.

I did.

The first place to start is to upload all of your assets into the Shopify assets folder. That includes icons, background-images, css and js files.

You will want to change your projects css file from a .css file to a .css.liquid file extension.

Then you can reference these files in the head of the site, using the Shopify template language.

{{ 'your-project.webflow.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}

This tag will bring into your head section the your-project.webflow.css.liquid file.

hope that helps.


Yes, it does. Thanks for the information.