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Webflow to Shopify Full Export

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to share with the community this E-commerce store that was designed in Webflow and Exported into the Shopify platform.

There are always things to improve, a website is a garden. Let me know of any and all things you see that need improvement.

Also feel free to let me know what you like about the site :slightly_smiling:

Enjoy :blush:


How did yo do it Alex?

I’m writing a how to article for this. Stay tunned. :smile:


I can also see there is a login system in this website.
Looking forward reading your article Alex !
Thank you !

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Yes would definitely like to see an article about this! Site looks great btw

This looks great, and I look forward to reading your article about it!

As for things to improve,I’d remove the ‘!’ in ‘View Details!’ because an exclamation mark conveys excitement of some sort and there’s only so many times I can feel excited(!) about viewing details of ballet shoes.

Also, this could come in a later iteration but instead of having a modal that says ‘View Details’ when I hover over a pair of shoes, it could say ‘Quick View’ (or something of the sort) such that clicking it would open a pop-up/lightbox-type thing that shows me a summary of details about the pair and allows me to quickly add to cart. (I have no data to say if this is what your customers will definitely like, but it might be worth a try.)

I’m not sure you have any control over this bit, but including more pictures of a product (preferably pictures that show different angles of the product) is always nice.

Finally, I’d fix the alignment (and maybe positioning) of the elements highlighted in blue.

I hope this helps.

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I’d love to read this article when you’re finished! :smile:

yes great job I am looking forward to seeing more on this or ability to look under the hood. Being a Shopify partner we build shopify sites for clients and I had not thought about using webflow to build and export them. On my screen the pictures on the front page are wider than their container so they bleed over to the next product so maybe needs a little fiddling there but otherwise looks pretty good.

Hi AlexN,

any update on the tutorial?

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I’m still working in it. My time has been taken up by other projects :frowning:

I will need to find away to dedicate my time to creating content for all of you.


Webflow should create some sort of tip jar feature for these forums.


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