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Webflow to Shopify - animation


I have effectively bootstrapped my webflow site to an existing Shopify theme ( I changed the asset references and css regencies as per the Shopify system).

The issue I am having is that any animations I created in webflow are not working on the Shopify site . I assumed they were saved in the webflow.js file in the export package.

I have included the line {{webflow.js | asset_url}} where the js/webflow.js would normally be.

I have also called the Shopify file webflow.js.liquid which seems to get the tabs to work.

Any idea of how to get this to run?

Long term I plan to use so a more robust approach with udesly.


Hey @Vikram_Chatrath . Please do notify if you have found a solution to your problem. I have a similar issue and looking for a solution asap.