Webflow to Magento 2 + Salesforce?

I have a client that has an online pharmacy based in USA and Canada. They use Magento 2 + Dreamforce (Salesforce website builder). The client likes my Webflow redesign proposal and would like to roll it out to Magento 2. They have been having lots of issues with Dreamforce and like what I can do with webflow.

I have a meeting with their developers next week to discuss re-design rollout, particularly with data-id handles and such. I do not have access to their Magento 2 (at the moment) to look around or test things, and have view only permissions to their Salesforce/Dreamforce . (Though I have worked on a seperate Magento store pixel installation that is totally seperate from Webflow, so I’m a little familiar with it)

Ideally, I’d like to use webflow native publishing features to keep updates fresh and in realtime and have it sync to their Magento 2 + Salesforce CRM/CMS/ERP.

When I meet with the dev next week we will discuss deployment solutions. Has anyone worked with Webflow and Magento 2 / Salesforce? If so, what are some good resources i should check out before meeting with the client’s dev team?

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Hi Mike, actually we have the same challenge. I wondering if you find a way to do that project you mentioned?