Webflow to Github, JS not loading

Hello flowers :high_brightness:

I have a pretty urgent issue/bug.

I have this 60+ pages website built on webflow and hosted on github pages serving 20k+ visitors per month. The navbar has stopped working on the live website :scream:

  • Staging website works smooth as it can be seen here
  • Website also works as expected on my local machine
  • However when I upload to github it stops working as you can see on the live website :cold_face:

This is what I have done:

  • rebuilt the drop drowns
  • rebuilt the entire navbar
  • duplicated the site and reuploaded

Nothing worked. I am now thinking that the JS is not loaded for some reasons on github?

Here’s the link to the repo if needed GitHub - ONEARMY/precious-plastic: The new theme for the precious plastic site

Any help would be CRAZY appreciated

Hi Mattia,
The nav seems to be working fine on your live site.
I’m guessing you found the problem you were facing?