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Webflow to Github - FlowHub - Automated - Free Tool

I developed a tool that pushes the whole webflow site to github, everytime you hit the publish button!

Its called FlowHub and it will be online in a few weeks, the website officially and the dashboard is already online available and use-able.

It actually

  • Pushes the website to GitHub every-time it gets updated - Automated

  • Underlines the design changes in github line per line

  • Inlines CSS files (for better performance)

  • Removes the Webflow Badge (even without a plan)

  • Has a intelligent prefetching technology (No, not a default prefetching, rather than similar than service worker, but even faster response times)

  • Lazy Loads more intelligent images than webflow (more intelligent)

  • Built-in Automatic Image Optimization

  • Copies 1:1 the whole page structure as your webflow page structure

  • Should also work fine with CMS based sites

  • You can even host your website directly to a Domain (Custom Domains will be later available) > with a click of a button

  • More Features in the future!

For now you can actually use the latest plan for free.

Also there will be free, advanced and pro plan for users.

Join this discord FlowHub to send me your email address to sign up!

Let me know your email-addresses, so I can sign up you all for the BETA Testing Program!