Webflow to create social media like website?

I love Webflow and the constant updates it’s getting. It’s really become a powerful tool for the web. I haven’t had a chance to really dive deep in the CMS features, but I am curious to know how powerful Webflow is. Although it would be a monumental undertaking, is it hypothetically possible to create a social media type website using, for the most part, Webflow - Like Zomato for example, which is basically social media for food?

Hmmm, Zomato is a very nice product indeed.

Ok, so the short answer to your question is no, you can’t create a social network with Webflow yet.

So, Webflow allows you to create websites. Static, and CMS. There’s a notion of ‘role’ in CMS, like content editor. Static or CMS, they are site. They present information one way, from the owner to visitors. Apart from the contact form, everything is one way.

Let’s not only call Zomato and other social sites “websites”. they are tools, and softwares. They have a strong user management features, and information goes both ways all the time. Users provide inputs to the site all the time. That, you can’t do with Webflow yet.

With Webflow, you could build templates to be used by developers to make a social network. templates, prototypes etc. And also full parts of a more complicated website such as the news or blog part, product pages etc.

I hope this helps.


@vincent I love how you keep using the word 'yet" haha. Fingers crossed they do add the option for user profiles and logins. I think Webflow would be the first drag and drop to create something as complex as this and benefit drastically.

Allowing users to update their own blogs or profiles (pictures, feed, information, etc.) would be a neat and much needed feature. I would love to see this implemented in the near future.

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