Webflow template sizing I think <p>

Fairly new to webflow and I hope this question is allowable. I’m using a webflow template that I exported to Bluehost that I was already paying for. It shows fine on regular screen but when I size down to mobile devices or check from mobile devices the text doesn’t center and it leaves to much white space. I hope I explained it correctly. Link to a couple of the pages below. The 3rd link is my map, is that possible to show on mobile?


There is a 70px margin left on the paragraph<p> This is what appen when you remove it

Btw : there is other responsives problems on column too…

Thanks! That definitely fixed my white space issues! Please send other problems you see please if you have time. I went from using a template to customizing it with my limited html knowledge from a bootcamp I took online.

You can note it as solved. For others problems you need to test on déférents screen maybee use a software like RespnsivelyApp wil help you find problems.

You could also ask for someone to do it for you, I do that an a daily basis for my clients.

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