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Webflow Template "Natural": How to Modify Slider to Display All Text

I am working on this site:

And I’m getting some weirdness in the slider on the home page. (aptly titled “slider section” “home”) I have longer text than perhaps the template designer anticipated.

For any view smaller than desktop (tablet, mobile horizontal & mobile vertical), the “Testimonials Text” overlaps the “Slider Nav” and or runs right off the page. The classes and the containing classes are all set to block and auto height, so I’m not sure why the text is not displaying.

I’m sure it’s a quick simple fix…just not sure what that simple fix is.

Many thanks in advance!

hey rebecca. The the container with the containner slide is positioned to TOP:40%. Fix this by in turn setting Transform: Move Up 32% in the Transforms & Transitions Section in the Style Tab of the Designer.

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