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Webflow Template Missing Stylesheet on Apache Server

I’ve completed a new design in Webflow, exported it and run it directly in my browser. If you simply click on the index.html file and view in Firefox or Chrome, all is good. If I transfer the files into an Apache served website, all styles are missing. Something breaks so I assume Apache is unhappy or missing something to display the Webflow template properly.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Do I need to add a setting in Apache’s config file or change a reference somewhere in the template’s html code?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Without more details it’s a bit hard to answer the question - there are countless ways apache can be configured, so without knowing how it’s setup in this case, there isn’t much advice I can give.

What error message do you get when you try to load the css files? Is it a file not found error, an unauthorized error, or something else?

What I can tell you is this: if it works locally and breaks when you upload it to an external server, there is a 90% chance the issue is in the apache config.

Thank you, Nathan.

It’s actually the other way around. The staging server displays the site ok, my local instance does not. So I guess you’re right, there is some kind of discrepancy between the Apache config files. Maybe there’s a module dependency I need to switch on.

In terms of errors being generated… I’m not sure where to check. What I can tell you is that all I see is a white page with text on it - as you’d expect if the style sheet is miss-referenced. Tried adding a tag but that didn’t help.

I’ll continue to investigate… any other suggestions are welcomed.

Hi @phillipblake, can describe your “local instance” setup, are you using mamp or something? Sites created in Webflow and hosted on apache servers should work fine in nearly all cases, from what I have seen in the past. If you can share a published link to an external site where the styles are not getting loaded, we can look.

You can check for errors on the local instance by viewing in chrome, then right click on the page and inspect element. Then look at the console for errors using Chrome Dev Tools:


Hi cyberdave, your Google Chrome Console idea was perfect. It identified I had a file permissions error.

I develop on Ubuntu Linux. The Zip file generated by Webflow, on export, doesn’t contain the necessary permissions for a UNIX system. Subsequently, the CSS, JS and IMAGES folders had a ‘forbidden to display’ error message.

I quickly changed permissions and now all is fine in Developer Land.

Thanks HEAPS!

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