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Webflow template is rejected

Hi, We created a webflow template for the marketplace by following the guidelines (Submission Guidelines | Webflow ) mentioned by webflow.

But webflow rejected it twice saying that it doesn’t follow the guidelines. Can anyone please help to find the issues in this template?


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I haven’t submitted a template, but I know that the guidelines are pretty strict. I looked through your project for a few minutes, and here’s just a couple things I noticed:

  • Custom code is not allowed (slick slider etc.)

  • 20px line height on a 48px font size (Count Number). If the heading is extended to two lines, it will look pretty bad.

  • Responsive spacing issues which makes the design a bit weirdly structured (check the Section Angrobi Introduction section on mobile landscape).

Yeah @robingranqvist is right. The best advice is to meticulously go through each guideline and make sure they all check.

One major thing I noticed though is you don’t have a licensing page. This is for assets that you are using from other sources like photos.

@robingranqvist Thank you so much for the inputs. Will correct those and resubmit.

@joejola Got it, will add a license page.