Webflow system lag

So I experienced some odd behavior while developing my site.

1st problem
renaming classes wouldn’t show up in my interactions when I typed in a “Affect diff. element”

I would rename again, check, no go, then after repeating the same process, in time, it appeared.

2nd problem
hover effects on by ‘link blocks’ wouldn’t show in the preview or on the live site. or would only hover on some areas of a div. I went and had lunch and revisited the site, and now all the hovers are working as they should.

It feel like a lag in the system for these updates to push through.

Anyone else experiencing this? At first I thought it was just me, but I’ve experienced these previously as well, and it leaves me scratching my head because all my web flow setting look correct and then bam, everything is fine. But kinda wrecks my workflow and def. feels like it’s a web flow server side issue. I don’t know how the backend works to create the code but apparently it gets laggy at times. I’ve been using Safari but will likely try Chrome and see if this continues.

at any rate, most of the client site is done and has some CMS as well.