Webflow survey to PHP?

Okay so basically, Im in need of a page that has 10 questions that saves the entries to a database.

My question is if I create a survey page similar to this one http://multi-step-survey.webflow.io and pay for someone to code php inside it, is possible to save the entries and view them on a database ?

I just didn’t wanted to contact anyone before I am sure about this can be done.

Simple answer. Yes.

More information would be required though.

Okay, just want the html page to be ready.

If I make the page without forms just with interaction is it enough for my side or do I need to add some additional things there.

I know that I need to talk directly with a developer but just want the skeleton ready.

Cheers and thanks :smile:

you need (a) form(s).

There are several different ways to do this via
Interactions, Pages, or JQuery.

There are modifications you should do to make it easier to switch from html to php.

You “are” speaking to a developer.

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