Webflow Subscriptions feature signup flow help

Hi, we are trying to implement our sign-up flow using the new WebFlow subscriptions feature.

Our signup page: Ethereal Engine

When the user fills out the form, they aren’t getting a confirmation email. We do not know how to take someone to the next page automatically. We think we may have broken the default functionality.

We’d liked to redirect thee user from this page to the membership page Ethereal Engine

And then have the user checkout at Ethereal Engine

Finally, the user should land on one of the following, depending on their chosen membership:

Here is the read-only site:Webflow - Ethereal Engine

Hi @gheric :wave: welcome!

Yea, that doesn’t sound right. It’s still in Beta so something could be off on their end. I’d email Webflow support and see what they have to say.

Looks like the issues we are seeing happen when the user is already logged in.

@gheric so the user was not redirected away from the login page, if they’re already logged in?