Webflow Subdomains Affecting Customer Contact: Need for Solution

Hello, I’ve identified an issue on the Webflow platform that may impact customer contactability. If you search for site:*.webflow.com -university -discourse on Google (the .com is important), you’ll see a lot of subdomains.webflow.com that belong to other users such as Agencies and Freelancers. These subdomains are crawlable by Google and may appear in search results, making it difficult for customers to find and contact your business. There are about 345,000 results.

This issue could potentially impact sales, as customers may try to contact them through the forms on these subdomains and never receive a response. Unfortunately, we cannot update or remove the {agency/freelancer} from .webflow.com ourselves; only Webflow has the ability to fix this issue.

Currently Webflow Users only have access to manage webflow.io.