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Webflow subdomain publishing and redirect options


I’m setting up custom domains on my Webflow account.

Just wondering if the placeholder will be automatically removed once the custom domains kick-in?

And if not, how can I manually remove it?


Hi @kingcolers-

Currently, there isn’t any way to remove the placeholder url right now. So regardless of whether someone visits,, or they will end up at the same page.

Are there any particular reasons why you might want to completely remove the version, however? SEO, analytics, etc.?

I just ran into the same problem. After using my custom domain the webflow-urls do still work and are not redirected (

Yes, you name it.

SEO: possibility of double content
(Google) Analytics: possibility of messed up stats

Webflow-Team, please respond.

My suggestion would probably be to add and enable a redirection-option by default when webflow-users use a custom domain.

Webflow team, are there any news on this topic?


Any updates on when this will be implemented?

Your custom-domain option is a paid feature and disabling the weflow-URLs is a must-have.

Hey forum, Will here: @Tom Thanks for the post and for restarting this thread. We’re discussing the issue as we speak and will report back more info soon. I absolutely agree about the webflow-URL’s.

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Thanks for getting back, let me add, quickly after I contacted you by email. Hard to keep track of all the action in the forums I guess. Great to hear you’re looking into this!

Are there any news on when we can expect a solution for this?

Yes, please fix this. It has been causing a duplicate content issue on our Moz reports.

Just an update on this - we’ll be working on this this week, thanks for your patience!

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Any update on this? When you search for our URL on Chrome there is an unsafe domain warning before it will take you to our site, caused by subdomain.

@eshotsinc - you can unpublish your subdomain and attach a custom domain if you don’t want to serve your site on our subdomain