Webflow Styleguide question about location

Hi, I have a few simple questions about Webflow sites and templates. If you know the answer, please help me out by answering. Thank you.

  1. If I move the Styleguide page to a subfolder without doing a 301 redirect, will it still be referenced by the website template?

  2. If I move the Styleguide page to a subfolder AND make the Styleguide page a “Drfat” page, will it still be referenced by the website template?

  3. On the CMS Plan, it says you can have 20 CMS Collections. It also says 2,000 CMS Items, is that per CMS? So, I would like to know if there are 2,000 CMS blog posts per CMS. If you have 20 CMS, you could have 40,000 Items. Is this correct?


Style guide pages are just used for having a reference for you to maintain classes and colors across pages. Since styles created there are global to your project it does not matter where this page(s) exists or whether it is published or draft.

Re #3) 20 is the number of collections and 2k is the total number of items. Some plans have higher limits.

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So, just to confirm, Q3), 2,000 items across 20 CMSs, correct?

If yes, then I have completely misunderstood this limitation. It’s a big issue yet.

From the pricing page…

The maximum number of records you can have in your content management system (CMS). Each record can represent an individual page or an item in a list. For example, a blog post would count as a single CMS item, or a menu item for a restaurant would count as a single CMS item.

2K CMS and 10K on Business

Need more and don’t want to pay enterprise; DM me for options. I am fluent in multiple CMS platforms that don’t have practical limits.

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Thank you. I will save your details and contact you closer to the time. I am not there yet. I am moving a site from another platform to Webflow and trying to plan for content growth as I publish 3 to 4 times a week.