Webflow STILL showing old url for certain page + extremely slow loading since then


I have this webpage www.veiligwerkvak/digitaalzwaailicht that I want to show. At least this url.
But somehow webflow shows the old page ‘’/digitaalzwaailicht-concept1’’ instead of the former. No matter what I do, change names etc, it always shows ‘’/digitaalzwaailicht-concept1’'.

And the website has become incredibly slow to load since I tried fixing this. I tried making it work with redirects as well.

I have also 2 links that need to redirect to /digitaalzwaailicht.nl. But it will instead redirect to ‘’/digitaalzwaailicht-concept1’’

These are: www.digitaalzwaailicht.nl and www.digitaal-zwaailicht.nl

So I changed the page name of /digitaalzwaailicht to /digitaalzwaailichtpagina. At least this kinda works.

Anyone know how to fix it?

redirects screenshot: