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Webflow standard Interactions Settings

Wondering if there is a document how to create the standard scrolling interactions such as blink, jiggle ect. They would be useful for page loading interactions as well. Trying to recreate them without a roadmap is a time-consuming process especially as they have already been created elsewhere.


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You can learn about interactions here:

and you can even use pre made interactions:

Thanks Aaron I’m familiar with how they work I am referring to what are the settings for the predefined effects is there documentation on how to create them the predefined ones are very smooth when I custom create them they are a bit on the clunky side. The blink effect on scrolling is great but those pre-defined effects can’t be used on page load which is where I would like to use them. Someone created the predefined effects so I was wondering if that information is available.

thank you


I don’t know of any source of that maybe asking the webflow team itself.

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